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Aritonnic is a dedicated and experienced company with over 25 years of experience specializing in New Caledonian geckos and other frugivorous reptile species. Our decades of extensive scientific research has laid the foundation for providing the utmost quality of life for every animal in our care and yours. Our paramount objective is to impact our knowledge and vision to other enthusiasts, emphasizing the significance of overall well-being, nutrition and responsible breeding practices. Aritonnic is a culmination of meticulous scientific exploration into the specific dietary requirements of New Caledonian species. As a testament to our commitment, we actively participate in reptile shows across multiple states, with a primary presence in IL.

Aritonnic Gecko Diet

We use our exclusive Aritonnic Gecko Diet to ensure the best possible nutrition is supporting the overall health of our geckos. We only use human-tested ingredients to make sure our diet is safe for consumption. Developed after years of research, Aritonnic Gecko Diet is perfect for supporting physical health in New Caledonian and other geckos species. Aritonnic™ is a Trademarked Diet